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New Article: Analytics for Customer Engagement
Wednesday, 11 August 2010 15:17

Frank Block, FinScore, has co-authored an article on JSR due to publication in fall 2010 with the title "Analytics for Customer Engagement" on the current state-of-the art of marketing analytics including important topics such as

  • opportunities and organizational aspects with respect to data collection for customer engagement
  • how key behavioral manifestations of customer engagement (WOM, cocreation, complaining behavior) can be included in customer engagement models
  • how to overcome existing barriers in marketing practice to introduce analytical models for customer engagement

Here is the summary of an article that appears in the Journal of Service Research:

The quantification of marketing actions and their results is an essential part of the marketing function. So far, analytics have concentrated on direct (tangible) customer outcomes, such as current and future transactions with the firm, and neglected the additional value of customer engagement. Beyond direct customer outcomes, customer engagement includes behavioral manifestations that have rather indirect impacts on firm performance, such as word-of-mouth (WOM) referrals, participation in the firm’s activities, suggestions for service improvements, customer voice, participation in brand communities, or revenge activities; all of these actions affect the brand or firm in ways separate from the influence of purchase. Neglecting behavioral manifestations of this kind can lead to highly biased perceptions of a customer’s contribution to a firm. For example, failing to incorporate WOM in the customer lifetime value (CLV) calculation could lead to an underestimation of the CLV by up to 40%. Thus, it is essential to establish measures and models that account for key behavioral manifestations of customer engagement.

The main objective of this article is to discuss how existing knowledge and modeling approaches from transaction research may be leveraged to build a model in the extended context of customer engagement. Moreover, taking into consideration the increasing ease of interacting quickly online and the resulting customer engagement opportunities (e.g., customer cocreation) requires a clearer view of the capabilities of analytical methods to deal with large data sets. Therefore, this article:

  1. Reviews opportunities and organizational aspects with respect to data collection for customer engagement. Greater database size and complexity requires aggregated data, working with subsets, or the adaptation of methods from computer science. Real-time computation and new data sources will prompt the implementation of large-scale text mining techniques.
  2. Offers a brief overview of “traditional” models for dealing with customer transactions to discuss how key behavioral manifestations of customer engagement (WOM, cocreation, complaining behavior) can be included in these models.
  3. Discusses how to overcome existing barriers in marketing practice to introduce analytical models for customer engagement. The core aspects pertain to (a) data quality, the size of the databases, and new types of data; (b) data ownership, such that clear responsibility drives data quality and access to data; (c) model complexity, mitigated by standardization; (d) ownership of modeling tools; (e) usability of the results, which requires fast delivery of results together with clear interpretations of findings; and (f) integration into company processes.

For more information, click here.

Press release: Online and Offline become 1 with FinWEB Customer Online Targeting
Monday, 02 August 2010 08:06


Online and Offline become 1 with FinWEB Customer Online Targeting

Company: FinScore (www.finscore.com)
Release summary: Customer Online Targeting is a software for personalizing web site interactions based on the fusion of customer and web behavior data. This maximizes the value of company web sites and turns them into a truly customer oriented channel.
Date of issue: 02nd August 2010
Contact: Frank Block, FinScore, + 41 (0) 21 647 77 13, contact form

Lausanne, Switzerland – August 2nd, 2010: FinScore has found the answer to the question of how to personalize visitor website experience by predicting behavior and interest affinities: FinWEB Customer Online Targeting. By automating advanced data mining techniques and applying them to the fusion of offline and web behavior data, the road to precise and actionable customer knowledge on the web has been paved.

In today’s oversaturated product market, companies find it hard to increase customer loyalty. They do not offer personalized website interactions, which is crucial to satisfy ever more demanding customers.  By keeping CRM and web data strictly separate, companies could not exploit the full potential of available data. Finally, the business case for websites remains weak since their true contribution to sales and customer acquisition remains blurred as they lack integration with other communication channels.

FinWEB has now taken "personalization" to the next level and delivers the right messages, products, and banners to the right web site visitors by applying leading edge analytics. It integrates online and offline data to generate more customer knowledge and more valuable insights that can be reused for enterprise data warehouses, business intelligence and CRM systems. Furthermore, FinWEB enables companies to consistently communicate to their customers and prospects across all channels including websites.

FinWEB turns the web into a truly personalized channel to generate more leads, acquire new customers, cross- and up-sell to existing customers and help retain them longer. The software enables a unique visitor experience by generating recommendations for three types of web site elements:  targeted placement of editorial elements, products, and advertisements (banners) that maximize the affinity to the website visitor. This leads to increased visitor satisfaction, more sales and higher click-through rates.

Large companies are already successfully applying FinWEB. Our customers say: "FinScore is a unique provider of insightful expertise in analyzing and predicting customer behavior and interests to optimize and personalize the user experience on our company portals. The company’s strength lies in creating knowledge and software for predictive customer behavior and interest analytics. We leverage this capability to drive web content and increase the attractiveness of enterprise portals for customers and partners".

Read more about FinWEB Customer Online Targeting

About FinScore
FinScore SA is a unique provider of software and services for data quality, customer and web intelligence, and reporting. Our clients are active in banking, telecommunication, insurance, and other domains. FinScore’s software processes huge amounts of transactional, behavioral and socio-demographic data to offer a visual and interactive experience that helps companies learn more from customer interactions and anticipate customer needs to better serve them. Our software can be seamlessly integrated with today’s information systems.

FinScore SA : Dr. Frank Block, CEO, FinScore, Chemin de la Rueyre 116-118, CH-1020 Renens, Switzerland, www.finscore.com, contact form

May 14, 2010 - Press Release: 1st International Conference on Information Quality
Monday, 17 May 2010 23:00

1st International Conference on Information Quality: John Talburt, Frank Block, Michael Mielke and Larry English were Key Presenters at 300-Strong Meeting'Quality of Information in Brazil' Study Points to the Level of Importance of This AreaPR Newswire

SAO PAULO, May 14, 2010

SAO PAULO, May 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Promoted by QIBRAS - Qualidade da Informacao Brasil and sponsored by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the 1st International Conference on Information Quality was held yesterday (May 13) in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The co-founders of the association, Guilherme Rocha (System Marketing) and Flavio de Almeida Pires (Assesso), underscored the importance of forming the Association, whose creation in February 2010 was the result of studies undertaken in partnership with MIT a year ago. 

Representing MIT, John Talburt, post-graduate professor of Information Quality at the University of Arkansas, Little Rock, opened the morning discussion, during which he said, "The creation of QIBRAS is extremely important. I am highly optimistic that the association will mean increased business in Brazil."

Frank Block, information quality consultant and founder of FinScore SA/Switzerland, had this to say, however, "Information management in companies should not be a privilege of the IT area, but be associated with the company's line of business and management of the business."

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May 13, 2010 - 1st International Data Quality Conference, São Paulo, Brazil
Sunday, 16 May 2010 23:00

1st International Data Quality Conference May 13, 2010, São Paulo, Brazil

Hosted by Quibras

FinScore CEO and founder Frank Block is invited as key-note speaker on data quality and will present a solution for managing data quality such as to maximize its positive impact on the achievement of company key performance indicators. A model that relates data quality indicators and KPI will be described.

Conference website

May 6, 2010 - Web Article on FinWEB
Thursday, 06 May 2010 06:46

FinWEB Targets Behavior Tying Offline Data With Web Analytics

By Laurie Sullivan for MediaPost Blogs: Behavioral Insiders

FinScore consultants believe they have created a successful method to integrate offline and online date to target consumers on specific sites. The application began as a pilot project for a telecommunications company in Switzerland. 

Scheduled for public release within the next few weeks, the platform dubbed FinWEB combines and matches customer offline CRM data with their online behavior to create what Sandro Saitta, a consultant at FinScore S.A., calls an "extended profile."

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