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May 28, 2013 - konbini adopts Affinyze product recommendations
Tuesday, 28 May 2013 00:00


konbini.com.br an e-commerce site specialized in Japanese products has joined the Affinyze network and benefits from Affinyze's predictive product recommendations that increase purchase rates.

July 25, 2012 - Foodfirst has joined Affinyze network
Wednesday, 25 July 2012 09:45

www.foodfirst.com an e-commerce site specialized in products for sports nutrition for everyone has joined the Affinyze network on Monday July 23.

July 16, 2012 - Maxbodyfood has joined Affinyze network
Tuesday, 24 July 2012 13:03

www.maxbodyfood.ch, an e-commerce site specialized in products for diet, Health & Wellness, has joined Affinyze network and is using its predictive recommendations to further increase sales.

November 9, 2011 - Tcheofertas and Tcheviagens join Affinyze Network
Tuesday, 15 November 2011 00:00


(versão em português segue abaixo / Portuguese version below)

TchêOfertas: Swiss targeting technology Affinyze Network personalizes group buying sales offers for visitors of tcheofertas.com.br and tcheviagens.com.br

Porto Alegre/Brasil, Lausanne/Suiça - 09 de novembro, 2011:

The Brazilian group buying websites TchêOfertas and Tchêviagens have partnered with FinScore to leverage Affinyze Network recommendations with its advanced technology which allows to increase sales on group buying and e-commerce website.

Affinyze Network tracks visitor behavior on all associated websites and thereby identifies visitor interest profiles. Based on those profiles Affinyze generates recommendations for relevant content individually tailored to each visitor. Affinyze applies advanced data mining technology to achieve significant click rate and purchase rate increases. The integration of the website with Affinyze is very easy and straightforwards.

 Affinyze Network is not only used to personalize the offers and the order in which the are displayed for each visitor on the website; it is also used to optimize and prioritize offers included in daily emailings. In this way both channels, inbound website visits and outbound emails are optimized to maximize returns.

Each visitor receives the most relevant content, the website increases sales and customer satisfaction.

According to Adriano Kalil, responsible for TchêOfertas, the integration of the website with Affinyze Network was really simple, and the partnership with FinScore enables the company to gain access to a new generation of intelligent business process optimization and customer relationship ehancements via personalization. Frank Block, CEO of FinScore said "Affinyze Network finally makes advanced targeting technology available to all those interested in getting the benefits from advanced analytics to increase the website and internet sales processes."

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TchêOfertas: tecnologia suíça de targeting Affinyze Network personaliza ofertas de compra coletiva para visitantes dos sites tcheofertas.com.br e do tcheviagens.com.br

Porto Alegre/Brasil, Lausanne/Suiça - 09 de novembro, 2011: O site gaúcho de compras coletivas TchêOfertas fechou parceria com a FinScore para utilizar Affinyze Network com a sua tecnologia avançada que aumenta as vendas em sites de compra coletiva e de comércio eletrônico.

O Affinyze Network monitora a navegação nos websites associados para descobrir o perfil dos visitantes e sugerir o conteúdo apropriado a cada visitante usando métodos de data mining e de modelagem estatística avançada. A integração é simples e os benefícios são imensos.

O Affinyze Network não somente é usado para personalizar as ofertas mostradas quando o visitante navega pelo site mas também para priorizar as ofertas incluídas nas campanhas de e-mail.

Como cada visitante recebe o conteúdo correto, o site vende mais, aumentando as taxas de conversão e de satisfação dos clientes.

Segundo Adriano Kalil, do TchêOfertas, a integração do site no Affinyze Network foi muito simples, e a parceria com a FinScore permite ao site de compra coletiva o acesso a uma nova geração de otimização de negócios e de relação com os seus clientes e visitantes. Segundo Frank Block, da FinScore, o Affinyze Network finalmente põe à disposição de todos websites e e-commerce as tecnologias mais avançadas e poderosas de data mining, permitindo assim aumentar a eficiência de processos de venda na internet.

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About FinScore
FinScore SA is a unique provider of software and services for data quality, customer and web intelligence, and reporting. Our clients are active in banking, telecommunication, insurance, e-commerce, and other domains. FinScore’s software processes huge amounts of transactional, behavioral and socio-demographic data to offer a visual and interactive experience that helps companies learn more from customer interactions and anticipate customer needs to better serve them. Our software can be seamlessly integrated with today’s information systems.

FinScore SA : Dr. Frank Block, CEO, FinScore, Chemin de la Rueyre 116-118, CH-1020 Renens, Switzerland,
www.finscore.com, contact form

November 01, 2011 - Launching Affinyze Network
Tuesday, 01 November 2011 00:00

Affinyze Network is now being launched for accomodating up to hundreds of websites on a single tracking and predictive targeting network. If you represent an e-commerce website wishing to increase its purchase rates please let us know and we will explain how your site can be connected to the network in one day and start profiting from its powerful recommendations. Soon more...

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