Talend is an Open Source Data Integration Solution. It primarily covers following needs:

  • Operational data integration
  • Data migration    
  • Data synchronization    
  • ETL for Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing

We offer in terms of service and product our expertise in Business Intelligence, and more specifically in Information Quality, to guarantee confidence that data or information meets specific quality requirements.
We can use Talend to design quality checks, enhancements, corrections and monitoring.

Triple’A Data Quality Check example

Below an illustration of a Triple’A Data Quality Check performed on the instrument table (i.e. financial instruments).
The check process is comprised of 6 different data quality tests. Inconsistencies are reported in the form of exception lists. For example: check if the instrument end date is greater than the begin date (consistency check).

Talend Triple'A Data Quality Check

Such a process could be automated with our FinScheduler product.

The benefit conferred is twofold:
-    Better understanding and troubleshooting of data-related inconsistencies
-    Cleansing and monitoring of bad data in the source systems

Address Data Quality example

Another interesting topic of Information Quality is Address Data Quality.
We developed a Data Quality process that focuses on address matching (fuzzy matching: Levenshtein) and validation.

The job takes as an input a list of addresses (first name, surname, Street, City) and applies a treatment for every line (parsing, standardization, cleansing, validation, de-duplication, enrichment) in order to output a valid and complete address information.

For example, the “Street” attribute is standardized, cleansed and cross-validated against a reference address file (or repository).

Talend Address Data Quality

Feel free to contact us if Information Quality, and particularly Address Data Quality, is a topic you are struggling with.