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Customer and Web Intelligence

"FinScore has been a unique provider of  insightful expertise in analyzing and predicting customer behavior and interests to optimize and personalize the user experience on our company portals." (Erwin Roos, Head of Customer Lifecycle Management, Swisscom)


Customer Intelligence

By applying advanced analytics and customer behavior modeling, we help companies to reduce marketing costs while increasing customer profitability. Our approach allows companies to discover which of their clients have most potential or are likely to churn. This knowledge enables marketing and sales to focus their resources on those clients with the highest expected return on investment.

Typical business applications include

  • increased response rates for direct marketing campaigns
  • better cross-selling results
  • reduced churn, enhanced retention rates
  • maximized customer profitability
  • intelligent customer segmentation for better customer service, product development and targeting

Web Intelligence

We help you understand better who your website visitors are, which segments they represent, and how to make your website more effective. To this end we apply principles from web data analysis and data mining, reporting, business intelligence, etc.

Data Mining

FinScore combines industry knowledge (banking, insurance, telco, etc.) with its ability to process huge amounts of data and advanced statistical analysis, predictive modelling in order to generate valuable knowledge and insights. This is the basis for strategic decisions and optimisation of operational processes.


Affinyze - Customer Online Targeting

Affinyze is a powerful solution for personalizing web site interactions based on the fusion of customer and web behavioral data.