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"FinScore has demonstrated the importance of extending customer profiles with web interests for online advertising and personalized user interactions."

"FinScore has been a unique provider of insightful expertise in analyzing and predicting customer behavior and interests to optimize and personalize the user experience on our company portals."

Head of Marketing & Sales Planning & Monitoring, Swisscom.


Affinyze is a powerful software for personalizing web site interactions based on the fusion of customer and web behavioral data. Affinyze is an intelligent and fully automated recommendation engine for personalizing website interactions and effective customer cross-channel communication. Based on multi-session web behaviour and offline attributes individual visitor profiles are generated. For each visitor Affinyze generates a set of score-based recommendations suggesting the most suited information to display to the visitor in order to maximize website performance (e.g. click-through rates).

Affinyze benefits:

Affinyze features:

  • Increased customer loyalty
  • Increased click-through rates
  • Optimized conversion rates and revenue metrics
  • Increased website stickiness
  • Adaptive target group discovery
  • Targeting Model Factory
  • Extended CRM and WEB customer profiles
  • Performance monitoring and reporting
  • Software-as-a-Service deployment
Engage with website visitors as individuals and generate more value

Affinyze tracks website visitor behavior and builds individual profiles, which can be further enriched with CRM-data, transaction history, etc. Unlike other targeting solutions, Affinyze includes a Predictive Model Factory which automatically generates powerful statistical models to maximize campaign success.

Benefits of using Affinyze

By using Affinyze recommendations websites can increase online sales, generate more leads, display relevant personalized information, and maximize banner ad performance.

  • Understand website visitors by tracking their behavior.

  • Retarget lost visitors to increase purchase and conversion rates.

  • Interest group targeting for displaying relevant information categories (sports, travel, food, etc.).

  • Increase Banner Click-Through Rate by up to 100% for more successful campaigns.

  • Relevancy ranking for product offers to increase product purchase rates for e-commerce.

  • Email targeting for efficient e-mail campaigns and multi-channel personalization.

Affinyze Key Features

Affinyze offers a rich set of unique features that enable websites to better know their visitors and to offer them relevant content.

  • Visitor tracking on multiple websites. The browsing behavior of visitors is tracked across all websites connected to Affinyze.
  • Extended visitor profiles. Additional visitor data such as purchase history and socio-demographic information can be included to enrich the visitor profiles. This further increases the precision of relevant content targeting.
  • Predictive model factory for online targeting. Fully automated data mining processes discover the optimal target groups. They are continuously refreshed to not get trapped into seasonal effects, trends, or large impact events.
  • Dedicated or SaaS license model. You choose which model fits best your requirements: Affinyze Premium integrated with your IT environment or Affinyze Network, a shared pay-per-use system.

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