Predictive Customer Intelligence

The Challenge

Companies need to increase customer revenue and profitability while - at the same time - cutting marketing budgets. These goals can only be achieved through

  • Targeted investment of marketing and sales budgets into customers with high profitability potential
  • Enhancement of marketing process efficiency and cost savings
  • Adapting products, services and pricing structures to real customer needs

The Solution - FinCRM: Predictive Customer Intelligence at Work

FinScore introduces FinCRM as an innovative approach to predictive customer behavior modeling for increasing productivity of sales and marketing processes, enhanced identification and targeting of key customer segments, and a seamless integration of customer modeling, marketing and sales processes. By applying FinCRM companies are empowered to increase the efficacy of marketing campaigns through:

  • Analytical CRM Systems:
    • Business requirements analysis
    • Design and specification of analytical CRM solutions
    • Support for evaluation and choice of software tools (data mining, reporting, etc.)
    • System development
  • Campaign Management
    • Business requirements analysis
    • Support for evaluation and choice of software tools (channel integration, multi-step campaigns, response analysis, etc.)
  • Target Group Modeling
    • Score based targeting
    • Predictive cross- and up-selling retention/churn models
  • Customer Segmentation
    • Cluster analysis to identify similar customers
    • Identify and describe customer segments
    • Develop customer strategies
  • Customer lifetime value


  • Increased customer profitability
  • Cost savings through more efficient marketing and sales processes
  • Longer customer relationships thanks to customer adapted products and communication
For more information, please read our flyer on customer intelligence.